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Our fire restoration professionals start by inspecting the entire structure of your building(s) so that we have a good picture of the extent of the damage caused by fire and smoke. This is an important step because smoke can leave behind hidden damage and odor as it permeates structures. This process lets our technicians give you a full report on the scope of the damage and a good estimate of repair costs.

In particular, our technicians look for:

  • The materials affected by smoke and fire

  • Types of soot damage (wet smoke residues, dry smoke residues, protein residues, fuel oil soot)

  • Other damage: water damage, fingerprint powder, fire extinguisher residue, etc.

  • Unaffected areas to protect before damage spreads and while the restoration process is under way

  • Cost effective cleanup methods



Water damage can cause serious problems at your home or business. Whether it’s due to natural disasters like heavy storms/flooding or common issues ranging from an overflowing toilet to a burst water pipe; water in your home or business is a truly destructive force that’s difficult to reverse.

Mold is present in every home and office, but spore levels are generally below those that cause health problems in healthy individuals. However, there are many factors that can elevate the level of moisture to create suitable conditions for problematic mold growth. An example of this is old mold colonies that can hide in walls or beneath floors and remain dormant for long periods of time, only to re-emerge under the right conditions. Prime conditions for mold growth include:

  • High humidity

  • Incomplete drying of wet porous materials like drywall

  • Flooding

  • Leaking roofs

  • Leaking or damaged plumbing



At RNC, we understand that storm and wind damage following a bad storm can seem catastrophic and overwhelming. Thankfully, our trusted team of storm and wind damage cleanup and restoration experts are here to make a big problem seem small. Royal Plus will get your home or business back in order after a bad storm.

High winds, depending on their strengths, are known to cause damage. Wind speeds as low as 30 mph can lead to power outages due to tree branches disrupting the flow of energy through power lines. Hurricane-force winds can cause substantial damage to mobile homes and could begin to structurally damage homes with foundations.

Category 1 hurricanes can cause a projectile effect with sustained wind speeds of 74-95 mph, but once winds exceed 155mph, homes completely collapse and significant damage is done to larger buildings. RPI is accustomed to dealing with this type of loss and can help restore buildings to pre-storm conditions.


At RNC, we strive to relieve the stress and uncertainty by providing answers fortified by decades of experience. We recognize that disasters can be traumatizing and alarming for customers so we plan every step to make their catastrophe a distant memory. We help turn life back on by providing customers affected by natural and man-made disasters with 24/7 emergency and disaster restoration services in a compassionate, reliable, and efficient manner.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services Available

  • In Business Almost 16 Years

  • IICRC & ICRA Certified staff

  • Certified & Trained

  • Background & Drug Tested

  • A+ BBB Rating

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